IBT is training to a competent basic level and is not tested for a pass or fail result. The instructor must be satisfied that the trainee has acquired the necessary skill and knowledge level needed to be safe on the road.

Module One

This module is in our training centre classroom

Motorcycle Equipment

Motorcycles and their controls

Basic Technical Checks

Taking Machine on and off the stand

Basic Safety Checks (POWER)

Moving the Machine without aid of engine

Precautions before starting (FIGS)

Starting and stopping the engine

Module Two

This module is at our Training Centre Compound

Stopping the machine (Theory)

Moving off & Stopping in controlled fashion

Ride in a straight line

Correct use of brakes (all scenarios)

Gears selecting and changing

Junctions Left and Right using the Observation-Signal-Manoeuvre (OSM) and Position Speed-Look (PSL) routines

Emergency stopping under full control

Slalom U Turn manoeuvre

Figure of eight

Slow Riding under control

Explanation and Application of the Motorcycle System (OSPSL)

Module Three

This module is at our Training Centre Compound & Classroom

Legal Requirements for riding on the road

Importance of knowing the Rules of the Road

Visibility - "Be Seen"

Road Positioning

Rear Observation at appropriate times

Road surfaces and Traffic Conditions

Progress - Fast/Slow

Hazard perception and anticipation

Module Four

This module is carried out on-road

The application of Module 3 (in practice) whilst on a public road

Dealing with Junctions

Dealing with Roundabouts

Dealing with Traffic controls

Dealing with Hills (incline & decline)

Dealing with Hazards and Obstructions

Module 5 (Progression Module)

This module includes topics previously covered during Modules 2 & 4 with some additional new content to allow ‘progression’

The training needs to be undertaken on the new vehicle type, you wish to change to, e.g. from ‘automatic’ to ‘manual’.

This progression Module will facilitate changes in your entitlements without you having to undergo the full programme again and in limited circumstances without you having to undergo a practical driving test.

For Direct access purposes to Category ‘A’ or ‘A2’ motorcycles, you will need 13 hours to complete this module.

Where IBT has already been completed and you are availing of ‘progressive access’ then you will need 11 hours to complete this module.

Moving off and stopping

Use of brakes

Use of gears

Slow riding exercise

Figure of eight exercise

U-turn exercise

Slalom exercise

Rear observation and mirror work

Turning left and right

Obstacle Avoidance

Emergency adjustment of speed/Emergency Stop


Carrying pillion Passengers

Using a Sidecar / towing a Trailer



Traffic lights


Safe distance

Anticipation and reaction to hazards including dealing with Emergency service vehicles.

Pedestrian & rail crossings (rail where possible)


Socially responsible Riding/driving

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